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The summer has arrived and you haven't booked your holiday yet, have you? Here for you, some ideas that will help you to find a cheap solution for this summer!

cheap-holidaysSo, if you are looking for cheap holidays and you are you are determined to find the best deal possible, here there are some tips in order to book amazing low-cost holidays!

First of all, you should look on internet because there you can search and choose from millions of holidays. The web offers a wide range of bargain holidays for all tastes and for the needs of different pockets. 

The perfect solution would probably be last minute holidays (maybe not really perfect but at least the cheapest), all inclusive holidays in Europe and in the rest of the world.




You have to choose a destination that matches your budget; you cannot think of going to Bora Bora cheap-holidaysspending a few hundreds pounds, but with this amount you might reach a European capital city and sleep in a hostel!...

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turkey_holidaysBeing located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, makes Turkey one of the most strategic and interesting countries of the world: here is where the Western and Eastern civilisations met for so many centuries. Turkey today is one of the world's most popular travel destinations chosen by traditional tourists as well as young backpackers, welcoming over 40 million visitors every year, attracted by the pleasant weather and a plethora of interesting sightseeing opportunities. A trip to Turkey is indeed an unforgettable experience, no more than three hours by plane from most European capitals and their large international airports to discover a dynamic country rich in history, arts and scenic beauty.

Getting to Turkey: Search and Compare Cheap Flights

As far as flights are concerned, there are many ways to reach Istanbul other major cities in Turkey (including Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, and Smirne) thanks to the new breed of low-cost airlines.
A few examples of direct...

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It would be very unusual if someone coming to Dublin, did not end sooner or later in a pub" James Joyce I think this quote by James Joyce is very descriptive with regard to the city of Dublin. At least it is to me. The first time I walked into a pub I was in Dublin.

I was 16. Really great memories! The Irish capital is the capital of pubs, music and imagination, in an atmosphere that often ends up being magic. But let's make a brief HISTORICAL of the city of Dublin: The origins of Dublin date to the third century AD when the Vikings built their village on the banks of the Liffey.

Dublin in the years to come, like the rest of Ireland, suffered various invasions and dominations. In particular, the close control by British gradually became increasingly tight. The struggles of independence from England began in those centuries and continued until the twentieth century, in fact Dublin was home to numerous popular uprisings including those of 1916. But independence was sanctioned...

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I was planning to restyle my flat and I had been suggested to install a parquet floor on the existing floor by a friend of mine. I didn't know that it was possible to install it directly on the floor tiles and I now am really proud of the result as my flat looks modern, warm and so nice! 

Wood parquet floors have been used for centuries to decorate and make houses more comfortable. Any wood flooring is unique and unrepeatable. A beautiful parquet floor is definitely an elegant and sophisticated choice.
There are many types of  wood to choose among and many factors you have to take into account before buying your parquet: aspect, costs and characteristics of the environment in which you want to install it.
Here is a list of the main types of wood used as flooring:

Types of Wood

The types of wood most commonly used in our country are oak, pine, fir, larch and beech, woods that can be easily found...

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As women we have the great possibility to choose sexy underwear for a special night… but remember the underwear should not fit badly otherwise it will be reflected in the mood you project outwardly to the rest of the world. Fits is very important because it determines on how you feel about yourself and the world.

When you have to choose your underwear, go into a shop which has experienced staff working there able to measure you up. Now you know your size and you are able to buy all the underwear you want! Also on the web!!!

When we buy sexy underwear we are jocking with two sensation: look and feel. The underwear should look sexy and passionate, you should prefer hot colours, raunchy designs and luxuriously textured fabrics. Moreover you will have to think about your individual body shape. The most attractive underwear will be well fitted.

You will find out that sexy underwear has many different styles and designs and you can also wear them every day because they are...

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Hi everyone, how much should a babysitter cost? Thank

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Greta commented Jeans… what a passion!

In my opinion jeans are more comfortable clothes... even in pregnancy, isn't it?

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Greta commented Choose your MBA!

Hi all, i'd like to know how much does an MBA cost. Thanks

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I didn't imagine how many pillow types there are on sale: standard – 50 x 75cm; boudoir - 30 x 40cm; square - 66 x 66cm; kingsize - 50 x 90cm (for super kingsize beds) and v-shaped!!

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I did one module of LPG treatment and i'm just feeling better!